We Will Buy Your Car or Sell it for you

Selling Your Car Yourself Has Its Downsides

We Can Help

You will have to deal with posting to websites, classified ads, answer phone calls and emails, as well as set up appointments with strangers that may not even show.

Having strangers come to your home or meeting you somewhere to see and test drive your vehicle can be uncomfortable for some people, especially women. After all, there is always some level of risk.

If you sell to a friend or friend of a friend, you may feel obligated to accept a lower offer for your vehicle. Also, should anything go wrong with it, even though the buyer may not have a case, it can ruin a friendship or lead to a lawsuit.

Let's not forget the paperwork, financial transactions and added costs that are involved. You may be asked to provide a CarFax, CarProof or vehicle inspection, as many buyers are becoming more aware of what to request before the final purchase.

We can eliminate all of the above and get you top dollar for your vehicle.

How Do We Do It?

At AutoPrice Canada, we have several professional buyers at our locations that can provide you with an On-The-Spot Value for your vehicle.

If we do not purchase it for our own inventory, we network with several buyers that purchase from us on a regular basis. Whichever the case, we will save you time, effort and money.

Simply fill out the form provided for a quick response from a representative in our purchasing department.

Selling your car at AutoPrice Canada is fast, simple and not to mention, it's free!

1) You can exchange your vehicle against any of our vehicles in inventory and we will give you top dollar!


2) You can cash your vehicle out and receive a "cash" offer for your vehicle. We will then do some legal paperwork and you are on your way with a cheque for the amount agreed upon.

Our offer, in either situation above, will be good for 5 days or 1000 kms. The amount offered won't change, whether you trade it against one of our cars or whether you prefer that we buy it out.

Buy My Car / Sell My Car / Trade In

Please note:

1) We will not be able to provide an exact appraisal over the phone as there are many variables to consider when appraising a vehicle. (options, features, condition, accident history etc..)

2) We must appraise the vehicle onsite, for proper inspection purposes.

3) The vehicle must be registered in your name. (The name and address on the ownership must match the name and address on your drivers license.)