AutoPrice Canada

Free 30 Day or 1500 Kilometer Limited Warranty

Like everything else at AutoPrice Canada, we want you to be secure in your decision to purchase your vehicle with us. The Ontario Government has not mandated that any warranties be in place to protect the new or used vehicle buyer. One of the key points in AutoPrice Canada ‘s “TRUST YOUR DEALER!” mission, is that we provide a FREE Warranty with Every Vehicle. We feel it is important that our customers are protected when they leave our dealership with their new vehicle. As such, we provide, free of charge, a 30 day or 1500 km Mechanical Warranty (engine & transmission).

How does this differ from other used car dealerships? Many dealerships do not offer any warranty at the time of purchase. If they do provide a warranty, it is usually in place for a very short period of time, for example 5 or 7 days from date of sale. The problem for the consumer with this type of warranty is that many “typical issues” can be hidden for a few days but would definitely show over a longer period for example 30 days. Some of the more “typical issues” are air conditioning issues, check engine light problems, leaking seals in the engine etc… These all take a week or two to surface. Shorter term warranties are a way for the seller to provide an illusion of confidence or trust in order to “make the sale”. In truth, the term of the warranty is limited so that the dealer can limit its possible exposure to the expense of fixing these issues.

Extended Warranty Coverage Available

To complement our 30 day or 1500 km Warranty, we have researched and found the best possible coverage in extended warranties. We have also developed specific warranty products with these warranty companies and together we can provide the best coverage for as long as you own your car.