Lower Interest Rate Car Loans

Lower Interest Rate Car Loans!

The AutoPrice Auto Credit department deals with nearly 1000 auto credit applications from the Toronto, London, Kitchener areas, per month. With this level of exposure to automotive credit applications, we are well aware of the monthly trends and respond to them in our customer's best interest by choosing a specific lender or even a specific loan feature (such as lower interest rates) and take advantage of it for our customer's best Full Size Render (57)interest. Rates change randomly but nearly always on a monthly basis. Each bank then interprets the rate change and applies a new programs to that rate change.

These auto loan programs may include features such as $0 down, terms ranging from 48 to 96 months, no payments for 3 to 6 months etc… Our auto credit department can maximize the features of your car loan to your specific needs.

We provide this service 100% free of any costs whatsoever to you!

The relationships that AutoPrice Canada have in place, enables us to provide this service to our customers, ABSOLUTELY FREE, as we are paid a small “finders fee” by the lending institution where you’re financing is placed.

You have absolutely no obligation once you fill out our short and simple application!

At AutoPrice Canada, we understand that some of our customers are “testing the water” in terms of their personal credit situations. The business of borrowing (credit ratings, FICO scores, credit histories) can be a very complicated and confusing process. We are here to help you through this process and get you into a vehicle in the fastest and most economical way possible. Once you apply, you have no financial obligation whatsoever.

Credit Application
Credit Application

We get you APPROVED FAST with our automated approval technology!

In today’s face paced world, technology plays an ever increasingly important role. At AutoPrice Canada, we have invested into that technology. Our automated application technology allows us to review your online application within seconds of you sending it. Once we have reviewed it, we then send the same digital application to an internet portal directly into the hands of our lenders. In most circumstances, we can get approvals within minutes!

Get in and Drive

Get in and drive!

Under most circumstances a potential buyer would go to a manufacturer’s dealership, pick a vehicle and wait to see if they have approved you for financing. If they did not get you approved during the usual process that a manufacturer has in place, there never seems to be another alternative and you are left alone and without guidance. At AutoPrice Canada, our focus is to get you financed first so that you can purchase a vehicle in the price range that you have already been approved for.

We work things backwards!

First we get you pre-approved for a car loan (in most instances this takes less than 24 hours). Then we contact you and inform you of how much your car loan has been approved for, the stipulation of the car loan, and how to proceed in the selection of your vehicle. It is always in your control and we will respect your financial situation by providing you with full disclosure. If you are comfortable with the loan stipulations, we will guide you through the more enjoyable part of selecting your vehicle. If for any reason you do not like your instant auto loan approval, then you are under no obligation to accept it!

How do we get you APPROVED?

For every different person, there is a different credit situation. With the level of experience and the number of Car Loan Credit Managers we have on staff and on call, we are able to access past experiences and credit situations as a guide. We understand that most people face financial challenges at one point in their lives or another. By understanding the changing dynamics within the credit market and the lenders as well, we are able to build a case based on current circumstances that will lead to an APPROVAL.

First we get you APPROVED, then, we save you money!

Try to find this statistic on another site! We convert 27% of all of our Sub-Prime customers to Prime customers within 18 months. Our Car Loan Credit Managers don’t stop working with you once you have been approved and chosen a car. They maintain contact with you so that we can get you into a better rate car loan in the future.

Credit Application

Repair you’re credit quickly with our help!

We have built our system to maintain a relationship with our customers so that we can move their sub-prime loan to a prime loan. What does this do for you? Two things: First, it is the first proof to other lenders that you have begun the process of repairing you’re credit history. 2) It allows you to purchase another vehicle at a lower interest rate. The only thing you need to do is pay your car loan on time for 10 to 18 consecutive months.

Good Credit

Save money! Good credit history gets rewarded with low interest rates.

We can take you there! If you have good credit, we can work with the banks to get you a preferred interest rate. Since we know what type of credit is considered “good” and we understand that the interest rate is directly related to the risk of non payment, we can work your credit to your advantage and achieve lower interest rates. If you’re credit rating is not so good, we can take you there!

We understand you’re desire for privacy and confidentiality.

At AutoPrice Canada, we understand the desire for privacy for every customer’s financial situation. We will treat your request with respect and professionalism.

Credit Application

No application will be rejected.

Once we receive your application, we guarantee that our credit managers will revue the application and forward them through our automated approval technology. Once the potential lender has contacted us, we will contact you to inform you of what you next step will be.