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Trade INS

Trade In Your Old Car and Apply the Tax Savings to Your New Car

At AutoPrice Canada, we pride ourselves as a full service dealership when it comes to the sale and after sale process.

Trade INS

As a full service dealership, we evaluate and accept trade ins from our customers. When inquiring about any vehicle or even if you wish to sell your vehicle without buying ours, we can give you an offer on your present vehicle. This value can then be used as either a downpayment on your purchase or you can take it in the form of cash/cheque.

We have several professional buyers at our locations who are able to provide a value for your trade in, on the spot. Our buyers also have contacts that purchase vehicles directly from us on a regular basis.

We can either evaluate your vehicle and purchase it for our own inventory or we can evaluate your vehicle and offer it to our wholesale buyers.

By organizing our business this way, we can:

1) Provide an offer to purchase any type of vehicle in production.
(any age, any condition, any mileage)

2) We can offer the vehicle to the highest bidder and pass that value on to you so that you can use that money towards your new purchase.

What is the tax benefit to trading in your car to buy ours?

Save Money

One major reason we accept trade ins, which is a major benefit to our customer, is the tax savings involved. Let me explain: If you purchase a vehicle for $20,000.00, you will pay 13% tax or $2600.00. If you have a trade in of $10,000.00, you will only pay 13% tax on the $10,000.00 remaining of the original 20,000.00 purchase price because we are erasing $10,000.00 of the purchase price by using the trade in value as a downpayment.

This means that your purchasing value is $10,000.00 plus 13% tax which equals $1,300.00 dollars. In short, this means that you just saved $1,300.00 of your own money!!

Oct 26th, 2015