Certified Sales Associate

AutoPrice Canada

OMVIC Certified Sales Associates

At AutoPrice Canada, everyone of our Sales Associates are certified by OMVIC (Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council). This course was developed by a collaborative effort between OMVIC and the Canadian Automotive Institute (CAI) from Georgian College in Barrie. The course is a clear demonstration of our dealerships and OMVIC’s commitment to increasing the professionalism and accountability of its members. All AutoPrice Canada Sales Associates have passed this course.

What is the Certification Course?

OMVIC’s Certification Course is the first course for dealers and salespersons in Canada. The course is a clear demonstration of this industry’s and our dealership’s commitment to increasing the professionalism and accountability of our sales staff.

No High Presure Sales Practices

At AutoPrice Canada, we don’t need high pressure sales practices because we have the lowest priced, quality vehicles in the province. We offer all of our inventory online AND we disclose all the information upfront and online with the “real and true” facts concerning price, kms, year, make, model, trimline, up to 24 original pictures, options, condition reports etc… We are so confident in our product offering that we don’t want to hide any information. We want you to know we have the best price/quality balance. We want you do be able to do all your research from the comfort of your home so that you are able to disqualify our competitors vehicles from your shopping list.

We also offer you the ability to ask questions via internet (through any of the boxes on the right or on the contact us page on our site) or through our online chat. You can even allow us to shop your credit information so that you are pre-approved once you come in. With all of these features in place, we don’t need to presure you to buy. By supplying you with this information, you can do all of your research and know before you come in, that we have the best quality cars in the market, with the least risk, for the lowest price.

Once you come in to view and test drive the vehicle(s) of your choice, there is still no presure to buy. Take your time, look around, test drive as many as you would like. Go and compare other vehicles in the marketplace because if you think about it, if we truly have the best price/quality mix, then obviously we don’t need to presure you to buy. We would go so far as to say that if you feel any presure to purchase from other dealers, then beware of what they don’t want you to find out!!

Oct 26th, 2015