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Rebuild Your Credit Through the Purchase of a New Car

AutoPrice Canada is able to provide a phenomenal product which allows people with bad credit or no credit with the ability to rebuild their credit in 10 payments. We are able to lead you through this process and get a car loan approved in no time. It is likely that many customers do not know if they are needing this type of loan. All you need to do is fill out our credit application and allow us to get you approved. Once we have the information required to process your application, our finance managers will select the best product for your individual situation.

Once you are approved, we will work with you to select a vehicle. All you need to do from this point on is to make 10 payments, on time, and you are on your way. The second part of this process occurs after the 10 payments. Once you have succeeded in making the on time payments, you are able to purchase a second vehicle, while using your first as the trade in. This will enable you to decrease the rate of interest paid on the new loan and solidify the fact that you are now in a second approved loan. This will further help repair your credit and allow you to seek further credit. You are now on your feet again!

Jul 10th, 2015