Preferred Bank Rates

AutoPrice Canada

Experience Saves You Money Through Our Bank Interest Rates

AutoPrice Canada has developed a reputation within the banking community as a quality independent dealership and therefore a respected operation. We have achieved this reputation by maintaining friendly and consistent business processes. Our Finance Managers have decades of experience in handling credit applications for good credit, bad credit, bankruptcies and can get you approved for the purchase of used cars. They are able to take your automotive financing requests and are able to evaluate your information and send it to the proper banks in order to maximize your savings.

What does this do for you?

First, it allows us to get you approved as soon as you choose your vehicle.

Second, and equally as important as the first point, AutoPrice Canada can save our customers money. By having several banks and finance companies at our fingertips, we literaly “shop” your loan to several banks and finance companies and select the best bank and the best rate. AutoPrice Canada is registered with 12 financial organizations, both prime lenders (national banks) and sub-prime lenders (financing companies). We have been able to bring automated processes that allow us to process credit applications, on the spot, with most national banks as well as other alternative finance companies.

Apr 20th, 2015