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You and Your Gas Options

Every time you pull up to the pump you make a decision about how you’ll power your car. Hopefully if you’ve got a gasoline engine you steer clear of the diesel pump, but even still you’ve got to narrow things down further between premium and  regular gas. While the performance enthusiast in you might lean toward premium to get a little extra kick, there’s a good chance you should reconsider.

If you’ve got a premium vehicle, you’ll want to treat it right with premium gas. However, even if you’re not driving a Mercedes-Benz around Mississagua, ON you could still benefit from premium gas if your vehicle is fit with a high compression engine.

This efficient power plant option is designed to generate more torque from less heft. Therefore, it needs higher octane fuel for optimal performance. That being said, the only immediate effect of using regular gas in a high compression engine is occasional knocking or pinging.

Here’s the real kicker: unless you’re driving a used car that was built before 1996, your vehicle is likely equipped with a knock-sensor, virtually eliminating the necessity for premium gas.

Of course, all of this depends on the type of strain that you typically put your car through. The key takeaway is that filling up a regular engine with premium gasoline is only draining your bank account quicker; you’re getting no performance improvements as a result of the more expensive fuel.

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Jan 21st, 2015