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Explaining a Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle

Looking for a used car in Mississagua or London, ON? Great! That’s what we like to hear at AutoPrice as we are your used car connection. Today on our blog, we’d like to explain the different kinds of used car options you have, specifically, certified pre-owned (CPO) versus a used car.

Some dealerships sell both, some it is just one. For us, you can find used models that are of a high quality, vary in age and mileage, while dealing with us directly throughout the entire process. Those who are looking for a one to three year old vehicle that is like new might be swayed toward a CPO.

CPOs are generally trade-ins or expired lease vehicles. Usually, the automaker has some sort of program set up and standards the vehicle must meet to get the designation. That includes the same criteria we listed above. Only those that truly stand out get the designation, and you do get the perk of a warranty in some cases. It’s good if you want a near new model, or often times, a luxury car.

We will say with a CPO, you are paying more, and that one brand might have a different standard on their inspections than another. Here? It’s across the board. Every model meets our rigorous criteria, and we work with you to get you in a vehicle that fits all your needs.

To learn more, stop in and see us, or check in  to the AutoPrice Canada blog to get the most up to date news and information on used cars and other automotive tips. While you are here in our showroom, we will explain any vehicle that grabs your attention, answer questions, and set up a test drive. Visit our dealership today.

Jan 15th, 2015