Now that we've had some good snow falls and the salt trucks have been out on the roads, that unsightly layer of salt is all over our vehicles.  Your car is now a combination of its original color and white.

You may not be in such a hurry to wash your entire vehicle, but it is very important to keep your windows and mirrors clean for your driving safety.

AUTOPRICE-USED-CAR-DEALERSHIP-DEALERYou may have thought you were good to go after brushing that snow off your car, but once you get out on that road, you may notice that even though your wiper blades and windshield fluid are cleaning some areas of your windows, that layer of salt has decreased your visibility in other areas by a huge percent. On sunny days, it gets even worse.  However, you are now on the highway and it is too late to clean them. 

If you take into account that your side window has a layer of salt as well as your side mirrors, you have a double effect of decreasing your visibility of what you should be seeing in them.  This makes lane changing, right and left hand turns extremely dangerous.

We recommend that you take an empty spray bottle, fill it with winter windshield wiper fluid and keep extra cloths in your car. You can neatly store them in a small bucket behind your driver's seat or in the trunk.  Take some time and pull into the nearest parking lot to give your windows a wipe. DON'T FORGET YOUR MIRRORS.

Those few minutes you take could save you a lot of money avoiding an accident, as well as avoiding injury. Keep clean and drive safe.

Jan 12nd, 2015