Choosing the Right Vehicle for Your Lifestyle

Our Mississauga and London used car dealerships are here to help you.

used car dealer, dealership, used cars, mississauga, londonWe know that life moves pretty fast.  With that, our lifestyles change and so do our wants and needs, especially when it comes to a car.

One thing is for sure; if you are a driver, you will go through more than a couple of vehicles throughout your life and each one will be chosen depending on what stage you are at in it.

When you are younger, you want that sporty two door number that will impress your friends and has absolutely no room for a baby seat or, you may be that struggling student that needs a more economical and fuel efficient model with lower maintenance costs.

After you start your career, you may spend your weekends as an adventurer and need a more rugged, all-terrain vehicle or something a little more refined that shows the world that you have style and are on the road to success.

When you start a family, it’s good-by two door, hello four!  It’s time to consider vehicles that will accommodate the future phases.  In the beginning, you need a car that makes installing and removing your infant’s car seat safely and easily, not to mention enough room for all the goodies you will have to bring along for the drives.  You will be traveling with the baby bag, toys and other items you may bring along to accommodate your infant while visiting friends and family.  So child safety, easy access and cargo area is a must.  Also, you will want to consider wider doors and seat heights as determining factors.

After a few years, as your family grows and your children get older, you may consider an even larger vehicle.  There’s the sports equipment, the school bags and don’t forget to choose a vehicle with plenty of cup holders in all the right places and pockets for all of the things they bring to occupy themselves during the road trips.  Power ports for tech devices are also important for everyone in the family.

When your children get to that age that become involved in sports and hobbies, you will require even more trunk space.  You may find yourself considering switching vehicles again.

Not everyone has children; you might have gone the way of having two large dogs instead.  In that case, you will want a vehicle that can safely bring you furry companions along for the rides.  You will need something with a separate cargo area, with plenty of room and tie down hooks for safety harnesses.   You also have to consider the height of the vehicle as you want to make it as easy as possible for your pet to enter and exit as he or she ages.  Windows that you can control from your driver’s seat for proper ventilation for your pets during the ride is another consideration.

Most families have more than one vehicle and when your children become teens and start driving, they will most likely be driving one of them.  As much as you are relieved that your role as the family bus driver is coming to an end you will worry endlessly about their safety so a reliable safe vehicle is also a must.  No one is made of money so you will want that second vehicle to be fuel efficient since your teen isn’t raking in the big bucks either and the odds of them filling the tank for you before they come home is probably slim.  You may consider passing one of the vehicles down to your teen and reward yourself for all you have done in your life with that car you always dreamed of.

Not everything runs so smoothly for everyone, throughout this life journey, you may have some financial problems in life.  Things happen.  That’s life.  Some people go through divorce, a period of unemployment or in some cases, even bankruptcy.   Your credit rating may suffer greatly but you will still need a vehicle. 

At AutoPrice Canada, we completely understand all the above.  Sure we love to sell cars; that is what we do.  However, we love to sell the right car for the right reasons and that will completely satisfy the buyer’s needs.  Whether you need financing or advice on selecting the best vehicle for yourself or your family, the team members at our Mississauga and London used car dealership is happy to help you. 

We don’t just sell you a car and forget about you afterwards, we hope to develop a long term relationship with you.  We have service centres at both our locations that can help you keep your pre-owned vehicle in top condition so when you decide down the road that it’s time for a change; you can trade in and trade up.  None of us know where we may be in a few years, but we know we’ll have you covered when you’ll need a great car.



Jan 8th, 2015