Dianne. B – Clients Feecback

I recently purchased a lovely 2008 Nissan Altima from your dealership.  This is the second vehicle our family has purchased from your dealership this year.
I couldn't be happier with the sales and service I have received.
I have received excellent sales and service from several of your employees:  Joel, Jaime, Shirley and Michel.  Even the lady working the front desk was very personable and efficient. 

Jaime is extremely knowledgeable and friendly – he sold my husband a great car this past May, a solid Honda Civic, fully loaded, and my husband has been very pleased ever since.  We could not quite remember his name when we needed the second car so I just called the store and luckily, I spoke with Joel.   Jaime remembered me the minute I arrived after only having met me once when my husband picked up his new used car.  He was fine with me dealing with Joel and he stayed in-the-loop during the entire process.  Very impressive.   
Joel has been fantastic from the moment we spoke.  He understood the urgency with which I needed to purchase and the fact that I had not been planning to purchase at Christmas time.  He understood how important a reliable car meant to me first and foremost and the price range I had to work with.  He even came back early from a Christmas party to assist me the very next day with my search for a new car knowing that my own car was not functioning and my time was limited.   He knew the make and model and options I was hoping for and showed me everything there was.  He has been absolutely terrific – very knowledgeable, very accommodating, very friendly – a great one-stop shopping contact, always there to assist any way he can.  He even sent me a thank you card and I know he truly meant it, showing once again, his excellent customer service skills.  
As it turned out, I came back for a test drive with my kids, unnannounced and it happened that Joel was not working so Jaime stepped in to assist.  I decided to keep looking after the test drive so Jaime suggested the Nissan knowing that reliability was important and that I really wanted some of the accessories my husband's car had, such as a sunroof.   He clearly knew alot about this make and shared his enthusiam with me.  I didn't know anything about Nissans until that day and now I know that they are a great value for the money!   Thank you, Jaime for suggesting I give them a try!  This Nissan gives me the safety, the luxury and the space I needed, all in one car – a model I would not have even considered in the first place.
Shirley is so efficient and knowledgeable – she rocks!
And of course, there is Michel – he came and explained the service history to help me decide on my purchase.  He and his team did an excellent job in preparing my car for me to pick it up – it ran great and looked great.   
Since purchase, the battery has had to be replaced at no charge – Joel arranged for that and Michel handled my service call perfectly.
I have also discovered that my rear right window is not functioning as well as it should and I've called Joel to make arrangements to have that serviced as well – no problem.
And I can't thank you enough for the $500 in gas coupons that I received with my December purchase – what a fantastic bonus especially this time of year and when I had not planned to purchase.  The free oil changes for life built into the warranty is another great practical value your company offers.
In all, your employees have been an example of a highly efficient team.  They work so well together, each an expert in their area, each with a combination of superb customer service skills and knowledge, each focussed on making my purchase a smooth process and ultimately a huge success.  I have raved about your company many times since and will continue.  I myself have taken many customer service courses, and I've always been in customer service oriented roles so I do completely understand and value excellent customer service.  I also understand how rare it is to find so again – way to go, everyone!
Thank you again for the quality service your people provide.  I look forward to may happy visits for my my free oil changes and to simply say hello to the wonderful people at Autoprice Canada, London, Ontario.
Dianne B