Terry S – Positive Feedback

Hello Marc,

I wanted to take time this morning to thank you for your ongoing 

support and business. Fine Details is SO pleased and SO proud to be 

associated with AutoPrice Canada – London.

Your staff is such a pleasure to work with and they certainly deserve 

to be recognized by Londoners as the BEST in the city.


In particular, I would like to acknowledge your amazing Service 

Manager, Tim Devries. I have worked with many Service Managers and 

Service Departments over the years. Smiling as I type as you 

definitely have the BEST Service Manager in the industry. A 

competitive edge indeed. Working closely with Tim, Fine Details will 

of course always ensure that AutoPrice Canada – London receives the 

attention that it deserves – the VERY best. Tim's passion for positive 

results, a positive customer experience and his professional 

representation of your shop is very evident. Acknowledged by all of 

our staff here.


I don't normally send a note like this until a specific activity or 

event takes place however, when working with Tim Devries and the 

AutoPriceCanada – London TEAM overall, every day is a FINE one.


Here's to a successful 2012. Thank you.


Best Regards,


Terry Shannon


Fine Details – The Car Cleaning Specialists


9 Southdale Road, Unit 4, London Ontario N6C 6B4