Why You Should Buy Used Cars Part Ten


They pay an awful lot for this because it's new, and they pay huge insurance costs. Then they have to immigrate, or they find themselves in other financial circumstances, or they are just so rich that they can buy a replacement after a year. This perfectly good new car then gets sold off as a used car with only one or two years on it and for a fraction of the price. You can buy this car and get just as new and just as nice a vehicle but without spending over the odds.

Another scenario is this – someone buys a nice new car for a lot of money and they have it for several years. However for whatever reason they don't need to use it that much – they are perhaps elderly or self employed – but they nevertheless maintain the car to the best of their ability. This then means that you have a car that has practically no mileage and is just as good as the day it was bought -0 but again it's for sale for a much cheaper price and has a lot less insurance and tax to pay as well. Looking for used cars then doesn't mean looking for old or decrepit vehicles – it can mean buying cars that are in perfect condition but that have just been sold on.

Aug 6th, 2011