Why You Should Buy Used Cars Part Seven

First of all used cars are cheaper. This then means that even if you have the cash available to buy a more expensive vehicle you can still benefit from saving a lot of money – there's no need to spend over the odds.

Used cars aren't just cheaper to buy up front though. You will pay less initially for used cars of course, but following this you will then save money in a range of other ways. For instance you will save money on insurance because the car will be older and so less expensive to repair. At the same time you will be able to choose from more cars (because more will be in your price range than when buying new) and that will mean that you can select a car that has a very good fuel consumption rate. This will then mean that you can spend a lot less on petrol and still help the environment in your way.

There is one concern that some people have re: used cars and that is that they will be expensive compared to new cars when it comes to repairs.

Aug 6th, 2011