Why You Should Buy Used Cars Part Eleven

There is another point to consider here and that's investment. Because new cars lose so much of their value when they become used, that then means that you are bound to lose a lot of money when you come to sell. This then means in turn that buying a new car is not an investment, and that you will lose a lot of money on this purchase.

The same is true of used cars – you will lose money in the vast majority of cases. However you will lose a lot less money that you would on a new purchase and you will be able to sell it for perhaps a hundred or two hundred less than you bought it after a few years – which really isn't bad compared to the thousands you might lose buying new. And if you're really lucky, in some more rare scenarios, it is possible to sometimes sell for more than you bought or the same price at least if you can find the right buyer and if you keep it in good condition. The price of used cars can be quite subjective so if you manage to find a cheap deal and you get your car serviced regularly you might find a buyer whose willing to pay what you paid for it even after you've had it for a couple of years.

Aug 6th, 2011