Tips about purchasing used cars in Toronto

Buying a car is a big decision and purchasing a used car can be risky if you have not done your research and if you are not aware of the pitfalls that may await you. There are some basic guidelines about purchasing used cars, whether in Toronto or elsewhere that may be useful to consider for you.

Always know the price range that you can afford and this must take into account the deposit, the loan and the possible interest charges as well. Do not fall for a sweet talking salesperson who suggests that you can afford something that costs more. Always have a rough idea of the car you want in terms of make and model. This must be something that you have already researched and made a decision about. If you see a car that fits your needs, don’t be too enthusiastic as this will discourage the used car dealer from giving you a good price or reduce your chances of bargaining successfully.

The used car dealer may suggest that you add options to the car and these will affect the price so be careful. It may also be better to buy these “appealing” options at a car shop as the prices may be more competitive. Last but not least, always test drive the used vehicle to know that it is in a good working condition.

Jun 17th, 2011