Talking to a used car dealer

Talking to a used car dealer can be pretty intimidating especially if you are a first-timer buying a second-hand car and you have limited knowledge about cars. You will need to be prepared not necessarily because they are going to cheat you, but more because they are well trained and this is their industry. Basically whether a sales person is selling your property or a car or anything else for that matter, his primary objective is to close the sale. Also remember that you should have done some research before stepping into the dealership in order to ensure that you already know the price ranges of vehicles on the market.

This may sometimes result in him glossing over some of the problems of the vehicle and even highlighting things that the vehicle may not have. Also remember that there are always healthy profit margins in used cars and when you have made a decision that you are keenly interested in a particular used car, then discuss price with the dealer, but be prepared to bargain. There is always that magical special deal that they are prepared to get for you just to close the deal, but remember, that price is already predetermined and if you really want to get a great deal, bargain for better than that!

Jun 17th, 2011