Pay attention! Used cars speaking …

So you’ve decided to invest in a used car and you have sought the advice of all and sundry. You know what you want in terms of make and model and you have a preset budget to work from. You have scouted around all the used car dealers in your neighborhood and are just about ready to make a decision. Have you test driven the shortlisted cars yet?

Never underestimate the value of a test drive. Whilst it is possible to discover a lot of things about used cars by chatting with used car dealers, and many of them are very forthcoming with information, there is nothing like a test drive to really give you a feel for the vehicle, and even a sneak peek at the potential problems. Some basic tips include leaving the radio or stereo switched off when test-driving. This allows you to listen to the car and if you hear pings and groans where there should be none, you know that this particular car may not be a good choice. Whilst there is a need to check the air conditioning or heating, depending on which time of year it is in Ontario, drive with the windows down too, as it allows you to listen to the car better.

Jun 17th, 2011