Are you looking at purchasing second hand vehicles?

Purchasing a new car in Toronto can be very expensive and this makes used cars a viable alternative. You can source used vehicles by checking out the classified advertisements or even by word of mouth. Try to decide what type of vehicle you want and the budget that you have for this acquisition. Once you are able to source some options, try narrowing these down based on the criteria that you have set.

Common criteria that influences the making of this decision includes price. Ideally if you are purchasing the vehicle directly from the current owner, this may mean that you are in a position to negotiate the price. With car dealers, it is a little harder to negotiate as they would already have incurred some costs and will need to protect their profit margins.

Don’t be shy! Ask questions about the vehicle. If you are not sure how to do this, ask for advice from people you trust. Find out what the standard questions are and take the list with you. Write down the answers to the questions asked so that you have a record of the discussion. Information that you will need to acquire includes the vehicle’s history, particularly with reference to accidents. Ask what happened and how the vehicle was repaired. The owner’s history is important too and make sure that there are no existing liens on the car when you buy it.

Jun 17th, 2011