What to look for in a used car dealership

When choosing a used car dealership it is very easy to go for the one that is most convenient or most flashy. You may well want to look around though and if you are after a very specific and not especially common car your choice may be down to where you can get the car you want. If you have a few options though and a few dealerships you could buy from there is more to consider than just the price on the ticket.

Try and get the price down for a start, some will budge more easily others will give you a good deal if you trade in your old car. Also there is the cost of finance as well if you will be using finance.

Finance from places that offer instant approval may be higher than elsewhere and also you can bring down your rate by putting some cash down or by trading in for part payment.

If you are very keen to have a warranty then you may need to buy one separately or if an extended warranty is included factor this in for the overall price. Still though you may feel some dealerships offer a better service than others and that some have more pushy sales people than others. You may decide to go where you feel least pressurized and most comfortable.

Jun 7th, 2011