The advantages of a warranty on a second hand vehicle

When buying a second hand car there is no way of knowing exactly what condition it is in just by looking at it: apart from rust most problems are hidden away. Even with a test drive you can’t tell everything, there may be parts that will suddenly give up or things that have been taped together to get the car sold but which will fall a part in a couple of dozen miles. A warranty then is a great advantage when buying a used car: even if it is a 30-day warranty it will give you a chance to really put the car through its paces and check it over. Also many places which offer a warranty will provide a detailed check and service of the vehicle to make sure it is safe. For this peace of mind though you will pay, you will find that the cost of a car with a service and warranty will be significantly more than from a private seller. You then have to weigh up in your own mind the value of that peace of mind to you. It is true though that the older the car the more likely it is that something, or things, will go wrong. Cars less than five years old certainly should have parts that are well within their expected lifecycles. Older cars may have parts that weren’t designed to last so long and so with different makes there are often different points where a car will suddenly start having everything go wrong. If a car is past this point then a warranty could save you a lot, get along during the warranty to have parts changed even if they haven’t completely failed yet but are starting to cause problems.

Jun 7th, 2011