Selling your car

When you sell your car you will be looking for the best price almost certainly, this though includes if you are trading it in as well as simply selling it to a dealership or privately.

The advantages of a trade in are often that you get more off your new car than you would get for selling your old car: don’t assume this is the case though. Ideally make sure you know the list price of your car and have some idea what might bring the price down, anything that isn’t working, isn’t original or scuffs and dents. Also of course be aware that things such as recently replaced parts may put the price up.

It is still worth getting a few prices though, remember that a price guide doesn’t take into account that in some areas certain cars are always in demand and others aren’t. You may get more for your car at a city dealership than in a rural dealership as well or vice versa depending on the type.

If you aren’t trading in or feel you can get more by not trading in then you could sell to a dealer or private. Sell to a dealer when you know you have nothing to hide and have a car they know they will easily shift to get the best price. Sometimes though you will get more from a private sale, if you can either show that your car is in great condition, it is a car in demand or it does have things to hide that a dealer will spot and a private buyer will not or will not care about too much.

Jun 7th, 2011