Getting a car-proof report when buying a used car

One of the biggest problems with buying a used car is knowing what problems might be lying in wait. This includes problems under the bonnet but also problems based on the cars history. The older the car the more likely it is to have been in an accident at some point or have been stolen at some point.

If you buy a car that has been in an accident it may look fine but the actual structure of the car may have been bent and damaged. This means that if the car has another accident there is a much lower chance of it standing up to the impact. Side impact bars may also not work and are designed to crunch and dissipate energy won’t have been repaired to be as strong as they would have been before.

As for a stolen car if it has been stolen and sold on, even if it has been a few times then it could not legally belong to you despite you paying for it. It could be seized from you and returned to the original owner and you usually will have no comeback. Don’t forget that plates can easily be changed and it is the VPN number you need to check.

A dealership may well offer a car-proof check to you included but if not or if you are buying privately it is a good investment prior to purchase.

Jun 7th, 2011