Finding bargain used cars

Looking for a used car you always look for a bargain, this doesn’t always mean cheap but means good value. How cheap you can get depends on how fussy you are about what you drive and about how much of a risk you are willing to take.

The nice shiny glass fronted car dealers are rarely the place for a bargain but they do offer a great service, full inspections of a car and its history and a decent warranty as well. Other car dealerships you don’t get all of this always and they may have a few bargains where people have traded in cars that then can’t be shifted. Then there are private trades where you may well get a bargain but you have no warranty or come back and you’ll probably want to take the vehicle for a service right away.

If you do want to use a dealership but want a great deal you can search out some dealerships slightly further away from main routes who may struggle to shift cars and may even use classifieds themselves. Some cars don’t sell well, this could include cars such as city cars being sold at a rural dealership and also cars with odd colors such as pink which most people don’t want: if you aren’t fussy, or even like pink or turquoise blue then you could get a bargain though. Also as gas prices increase big cars are less in demand so huge gas-guzzling beasts are cheaper than they have been to buy in the first place.

Jun 7th, 2011