Tips for Winter Drivers

Driving during the winter comes with an added degree of responsibility.  Whether you are driving alone or with your family, it is important that you take the necessary steps to ensure that your car is safe during the winter. When temperatures get low, there are a variety of conditions that you will need to be aware of including poor visibility from snow, icy roads and engine failure.

Making a Checklist

One of the single most important steps that you can take to ensure that you are ready for being on the road during a Canadian winter is to make a Winter Safety Checklist.  Your Winter Safety Checklist should have everything that you should do in terms of maintenance as well as everything that you will need to stock in your car.

Essential Items-Cell Phone or CB Radio

A cell-phone is of course remarkably important in case you have mechanical trouble while on the road.  However, if you are traveling frequently in areas that are without cell phone service, you should consider investing in a good CB radio.  Being able to call for help should be your number one priority while on the road.


Don’t let yourself accidentally run out of fuel.  Especially during winter months it is imperative to always leave your tank at least half full.   

Essential Items-Proper Tires

All-weather tires or snow tires and chains are of course quite important and another must have to be put on your Winter Safety Checklist.  These items might not be very important if you are living in Miami, but in Ontario winters, they are nothing short of essential.

Essential Items

Consider buying an inexpensive sleeping bag and keeping it in your car.  This simple trick might save your life.  

Having a little extra food and water on hand is of course a very good idea.  Many people don’t think about dehydration in the winter but depending upon your circumstances, it could easily be an issue.

Driving Techniques

When you are on the road, always make sure that you have control.  If you feel that you are driving conditions are too poor, don’t push yourself.  Make sure that you pull over until you feel more confident about driving.  Also remember to steadily apply your brakes, and always go at a reasonable pace.   Most drivers who are used to winter conditions already know to avoid slamming on the brakes.

Sep 24th, 2010