Lexus IS-A Remarkable Value

The Lexus IS known for having high performance with great 0-60 speeds, as well as electronic steering, four-wheel power-assisted disc brakes and superior suspension.  Best of all, the Lexus IS does all of this at a very respectable price point.  Having all of this Lexus reliability at an affordable price makes the Lexus IS nothing short of a remarkable value.

Several features on the Lexus IS stand out in general and help make it a stand out in its class.  All IS models are equipped with powerful V6 engines ranging from 204 hp to 306 hp, which gives the Lexus IS some rather peppy 0-60 times.  Further, the direct injection employed by the IS ensures that it will be able to provide the power that you need and the gas mileage you want.  In short, this car is a winner.

Of course, we all want a car that can perform with the best of them, but it is also quite important to have a car that handles well.  After all, a properly handling car is a safer car and a car that is much more fun to drive.  The Lexus IS has all-wheel drive, which ensures quality handling and control.  Other features such as Vehicle Stability Control or VSC and an Anti-Lock Braking System further contribute to make the IS a truly safe and dependable vehicle.  When combined with the IS’s superior brakes, one can be certain that the IS is ready for any conditions, including poor winter driving conditions.

With a keen eye on safety, the engineers that conceived and designed the Lexus IS added to this already impressive design a reinforced body that is designed to help protect passengers in a variety of ways.  Structural reinforcements include rear and front crumple zones designed to keep occupants save during a collision.

While there are many cars on the market, the Lexus IS stands out as a remarkable choice.  The dedication and focus of the Lexus brand is reflected in the IS’s performance and safety, making it an excellent choice for almost any driver on the road today.

Sep 24th, 2010