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At AutoPrice Canada, we maintain our own in house service centre and process these "Safeties" once our vehicles have surpased all the minimum certification requirements.  Once the licensed Automotive Technicians have completed their inspection, we immediately begin work on each and every vehicle in inventory so that they meet and often exceed these safety standard requirements. We have also mandated that our Automotive Technicians inspect over and above the minimum requirements in an effort to highlight any other areas that may require extra attention in the near future.    As a result, we often authorize work that is above the minimum provincial required standards so that you, as our customer, leaves with a quality vehicle.

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The Ontario Government has developed a certification standard as an effort to protect the average used car buyer. This certification is called an Ontario Safety Standards Certificate.  All vehicles sold by AutoPrice Canada come with an Ontario Safety Standards Certificate.  We will not retail any vehicles “AS IS”.  The Ontario Safety Standards Certificate was developed by the Province of Ontario. Only accredited service centres are allowed to process these certificates. The “Standards” have been set by the Province of Ontario and in effect, they ensure that vehicle is safe when leaving a dealers lot. 

All Vehicles Emissions Passed (E-tested)service centres inspections 2

All vehicles sold by AutoPrice Canada will come with documentation that states the Emissions Test has been completed and passed. AutoPrice Canada will not retail any vehicles “AS IS”. The emission test is mandated by the Province of Ontario. Only accredited E-test Centers and equipment are allowed to process these certificates. The minimum allowable emission levels have been set by the Province of Ontario and in effect, they ensure that the vehicle is “environmentally friendly” when leaving a dealers lot.


We Offer Free CarProof Vehicle History Reports

CarProof Vehicle History Reporting is the only service in North America that provides consumers with Canadian insurance and accident claims data. Through its live connection to comprehensive databases that service the Canadian insurance industry, CarProof provides claims data from the vast majority of Canada's private insurance industry.

What Does This Mean?

carproofThis means that if an insurance payout was issued by a specific insurance company, the payout amount will be displayed on the CarProof Claims Report for that specific vehicle. CarProof reports provide accident damage information. The CarProof CLAIMS report product, provides accident claims data from the private insurance industry in Canada. This information includes any accident damage that has been processed by a private insurance company for claim payment. CarProof reports check live (in real time) every province and territory in Canada, as well as every state in the United States through Experian Automotive, to determine if the vehicle has been registered in any jurisdiction as Salvage, Rebuilt or Non-repairable.


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